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Sun Away Outdoor Shades is the best product on the market to protect your outdoor assets from costly sun damage. Tony has worked in pool service for many years and was constantly replacing damaged pool equipment from sun exposure and extreme AZ heat. After extensive research for a functional, attractive and effective product for his clients failed to produce a clear solution, Tony set out on 2 years of research and development perfecting his product, the Sun Away Outdoor Shade. Finally, Tony presented the shades for the first time at the Desert Pool and Spa Show in Phoenix and because of high demand, immediately made the product available to the general public. Each model is CUSTOM designed and built by hand. The shades come in several different models from simple, self-supporting shades to elaborate, retractable top shades. The lightweight aluminum frame is functional, discreet and can easily be maneuvered to give the owner easy access to the equipment. The shade material blocks approximately 75% of sunlight, has shown to decrease the temperature over 50 degrees and efficiently drains water.  Due to the overwhelming success, the shades have now been requested and designed to shade pets, gardens, a/c units, outdoor water softeners and misting pumps.       

Tony is very passionate about quality and customer satisfaction. Sun Away Outdoor Shades come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a lifetime warranty against product defects and a 5 year warranty on labor. All estimates are FREE. To schedule an estimate call 602.435.1773 or email us at

Tony is a licensed contractor AZ ROC 303352 and a member of the Better Business Bureau. For more information, pictures and videos on Sun Away Outdoor Shades, visit, or visit the Facebook page Sun Away Outdoor Shades.  


Our Work

3953 E. Mento Circle, Mesa, AZ
  • Top Lid Only
6215 W. Sierra Street, Glendale, AZ

Beautiful shade structure that protects pool equipment from damaging UV sun rays. This 9'3" x 3'9" shade structure has a retractable top and 2 front gates for ease of access to pool equipment. This custom shade is cover is just beautiful! For more information call 602.435.1773 today.

  • Full Enclosure
6118 E. Almeda Court, Cave Creek, AZ

Raised 6'6" x 10'4" top built with Adobe aluminium and tan sunscreen material is high enough to walk under (and helps to protect the pool equipment from harmful sun rays).

  • Top Lid Only
4384 E. Lariat Lane, Phoenix, AZ

Big thanks to Steven Venegas Landscaping for having Sun Away Outdoor Shades build a protective shade cover for his customer's pool equipment.

  • Top Lid Only
16005 S. 10th Place, Phoenix, AZ

This 6'6" x 5'2" retractable top is made out of bronze aluminium and wheat sunscreen material. To get a free estimate in Arizona please call 602.435.1773.

  • Top Lid Only

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9649 E. Irwin Ave , Mesa, AZ

garden show

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9649 E. Irwin Ave , Mesa, AZ


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17534 W. Wandering Creek RD , Goodyear, AZ

Arizona Home Show

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9776 E Turquoise Ave , Scottsdale, AZ

Sorry, its been a while and I do not remember!

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25126 N. 56th Ave. , Phoenix, AZ

Very professional people and hard working guys that did a great job!

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